Highfive is an iPhone app that allows crossfitters to book drop-ins at boxes near them while they're traveling.  

The app helps aggregate all the great boxes in a certain area for users, and it allows box owners to receive drop-in purchases 24/7.

STEP 1: What users do inside the app:

STEP 2: We connect directly with your Mindbody or Frontdesk schedule. They show up in your class schedule right next to regular members" labeled "HIGH FIVE"


Over the last 2 months, we've added new features, received feedback from real-life users, and worked closely with box owners to make it the best product for everyone involved.

Here's a quick overview of what we've accomplished & learned in the last 60 days. 

Our most shocking discovery:

While box owners went home, ate dinner, spent time with family, slept, (RE: were humans) crossfitters bought drop-ins at their box.  Being setup with Highfive allowed them to receive new bookings with no work on their end.

Say goodbye to missed drop-in opportunities.

Other interesting stats:


"Visitors love it! So many have told me when they come into the box how easy it was to schedule their workout."

"I love waking up to new drop-in emails.  I walk into the box, and can see what classes during the day have Highfive drop-ins."





"The app was amazing! I wish every gym had it! So easy to sign up and pay.  Thanks!"                                                                              -Courtney

"Highfive was remarkably easy to use especially the credit card photo option."                                                                                    -Martha

"Great app. It's always a pain when boxes use so many different systems. Keep it up.  I drop in frequently."                                             -Andrew

"It was super easy, I loved the app!"                                                                    -Kaitlyn

If you'd like to be a partnered box, click the button below to fill out your name, box name, drop-in price, and we'll get you setup.



Q.  How much does it cost to add my box?

A.  $0.  We do not charge boxes a fee to be listed inside of the app. We only keep a small $5 fee each time a drop-in is booked through the app.  The app is also completely free to download for users!

Q.  How will I see and manage the drop-ins that come from the app?

A.  We have partnered & integrated with the top schedulers so your class roster is always up to date.  This means that as soon as a user purchases a drop-in, you'll see that person added to your class roster making sure you never exceed the maximum spots open for each class.

Q.  How do I know these drop-ins are legit crossfitters?

A.  Safety is always our top priority.  That's why upon signing up for the app we ask the user to verify they have done CrossFit before, how long they have been doing CrossFit, and the name of their home box.

Q.  Who is behind this magical app?

A.  US!  We have been building businesses together since we graduated college (all of them having a fitness angle to them.) We were lucky to be 1 of 10 teams to be selected for the TechStars Nike Accelerator where we launched our first product.  This is where Katie discovered CrossFit, the love of her fitness life.